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Features of Credit Card Receivables Financing

A new, short-term finance solution available for your industry can make a big difference to your bottom line. It is a simple credit line that qualifies you for anywhere from one to three times your average monthly credit card sales.

This is not an interest-rate loan. Instead, a flat, simple fee gets added to the advanced amount and the total represents the repayment amount. The amount of that fee is based on your credit card sales volume (must average at least $2,500 per month in credit card sales to qualify), length of time in business and the quality of your trade references. Once you repay portions, even just 70%, you become eligible for more funds. Over 90% of our clients renew with us because it's so simple and quick!

Since repayment is automated, you save on postage and the time it takes to write a check. A small portion of future daily credit card sales automatically goes to repay the advance. If you don't have credit card sales for a day, week or month, you are not obliged to make a payment, since the repayment is based on a percentage of your sales with no established minimums or period in which to repay the advance. That means no late penalties or extra charges, since there is no pre-set term with this program. In other words, whether it takes months or years to repay the advance, the cost to you stays exactly the same.

Advantages Compared to the Alternatives

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What are the typical alternatives to this program? Of course, you could resort to high, compound-interest credit cards, that do have minimum payments, no matter your sales patterns, plus other unattractive, unfavorable terms, not to mention the deterioration to your personal credit rating.

You could encumber your real estate to obtain funding, but who wants to stretch out the cost of immediate funding over the course of years or decades? With the impending "credit crunch", you may have a difficult time even qualifying for funds, and plus, does the necessity to demonstrate income and assets, plus all the other burdensome documentation and paperwork appeal to you? In some cases, it may take longer to process a mortgage than to actually repay our capital advance!

And of course, you could walk into your trusted banker's office to obtain a personal or business line of credit. But do you really want to make a personal guarantee and jeopardize your credit standing and peace of mind? Besides, what are the chances you will actually receive the desired funds, short of collateralizing your business or other valuable property and assets?

Factoring your credit card receivables is a proven, cost- and time-effective strategy to achieve your working capital requirements. Over time, the strategy is much less costly and flexible than credit cards, more convenient and borrower-friendly than mortgage financing and a much safer bet with less risk than collateralized personal and business lines of credit.

Benefits of the Credit Card Receivable Finance Program

The Credit Card Receivable Financing program was designed with your situation in mind. The fact that the "painless payback" is based on a small percentage of your daily sales instead of a fixed periodic payment amount creates an unprecedented level of flexibility, since your repayment will correspond directly with the short-term and long-term variations of your business's sales patterns.

It's extremely simple and straightforward to qualify for the program – all the funding source needs is a few months' worth of your credit card merchant statements, a completed one-page application and some quality trade references. That means no financial statements, no collateral, no tax returns, no stringent credit rating standards and no need to demonstrate business profitability.

Since this is technically factoring your future sales, the amount advanced does not show up on the proprietor's personal credit report, nor does it appear on the business's balance sheet as a liability. You take advantage of "off-the-balance-sheet" financing and keep your credit lines free for other purposes, should that become necessary.

From beginning to end, it takes only about 10 days to receive your funds, which is much faster and more hassle-free than most other funding options out there, except family and friends perhaps, but you're buying yourself a host of headaches with that option.

As long as you can demonstrate the requisite credit card receivable volume, it's a sure-thing that you will receive some amount – the only question is how much! And unlike other finance programs, you are assured to receive more funds once you repay portions of the original principal.

Another exceptional benefit is that, unlike other programs, you will know, to the penny, how much it will cost you to obtain these funds, so you will be provided the luxury of walking away if the numbers will not make sense in light of your objectives. With credit cards and mortgages and such, who knows how long it will take to pay it off, and thus, how much it will cost you? Plus, with those programs, the funding source wants to hook you in for a long period. This advance is designed for short-term needs, which is unique in itself. We understand that in some cases, a few thousand dollars for just a few months will make a huge difference to you and your business, which obviates the need for other programs that are expressed in terms of years.

The most beautiful aspect of this program is that you can use the funds for ANY purpose – Inventory, Equipment, Advertising, Marketing Expansion, Emergencies, Tax Resolution, Past-Due Liabilities, Remodeling, Renovation, Training, Recruitment…the list goes on and on! Plus, since the advance does not appear on your business's balance sheet, you can apply the advance toward the down payment of real estate and fire your landlord!

In sum, the Credit Card Receivable Finance program will enhance your cash flow, will make a marked and measurable impact on your future productivity and sales and will dramatically simplify the all-important chore of managing business growth.

Now ask yourself if your business can benefit from working capital, how much you need, how soon you need it and Infinity Funding will take care of the rest! Call 888-99-FUNDED today and consider yourself funded!


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